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Karen Hall, is a Weight Loss and Eating Disorders hypnotherapist and coach, I will often also use EFT and EMDR techniques as well, my other main area of work is with Addictions Cessation, it can be either Smoking/Drugs/Alcohol, using the most Advanced Hypnotherapy and Coaching techniques to help you achieve your goals!.

I can help you become your slimmer self, or how to banish the addictions from your life and show you how to keep it that way.  I will teach you how success can be achieved and maintained.

A motivational, straight talking, personal programme to help boost your resolve and help you become the how you WANT to be.

Working together on your food issues and how to get permanent weight loss,I will teach you how to get through to the mind and harness it's amazing power and to transform the body, using the mind’s ability to influence it – shape, size and overall physical health.

In developing mental skills to let go of your attachment with food and resilience to emotional overeating and stress eating, you can maintain your ideal weight without having to subscribe to medications and weight loss programs which will never work in the long term, as they just make you think of depriving yourself every day of what you would like to have.

All weight loss done naturally, has always been the most successful and healthiest way forward.

Food is essential, your time with me as your therapist or coach, is all about discussing and giving you better understanding on how your body responds to food or drugs.

 insatiable, it involves cravings of particular set of food to produce a “high.” Emotional hunger is the precursor to food addiction. When the mental programming begins more dominant, the mind might signal the brain to command your consciousness to look for a particular type of food to feel satisfied and fulfilled.


Food cravings and overeating are misguided mindsets.  Your body’s response to hunger will not change unless you find a way to change your thought patterns carrying the emotional triggers. It is the only way to provide lasting resolution to weight problems.

Naturally and effortlessly you will only respond to physical hunger even changing your food choices to those that are healthier.

I believe that Hypnotherapy mixed in with coaching, should be about giving you greater control in your life. Clinical research shows that helping you to gain more control and choice leads to a more robust beliefs and positive thoughts about yourself.

I work from the Cowdray Therapy Rooms in Midhurst West Sussex, also in Dragon Street in Petersfield, Hampshire.  I am happy to do home visits although a travel fee will be incurred for the extra time or we can session via Skype.

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